Here is some information to assist if you are a Copyright holder and believe that your Copyrighten works may be hosted on or otherwise being distributed through our services.

We operate under the Laws of Kosovo and comply with International Law in regards to Copyright.

I am sure most who will be viewing this will be familiar with the Laws of the United States on Copyright, known as DMCA or Digital Millenium Copyright Act, whereby the Copyright holder submits a request for removal. As we are not US based or affiliated, we have different Laws and procedures to follow.

Here is the Law on Copyright in Kosovo:LAW No. 04/L-065 and LAW No. 05/L-047 - Please read it and ensure that your works qualify under Kosovo Law as protected works and are not listed in the exemptions to Copyright in Kosovo.

If after having read this, you believe your works are protected and believe they are hosted on our services, we will need some information from you to process a request for removal.

Under Kosovo Law, the files of a user on this service are their own private property, as we have strong privacy protections here, and as such, we are forbidden from accessing them without lawful authority, we will need to gain this authority by Order of a "Competent Court" in Kosovo.

Here is the proccess you will need to follow:
- Take a note of the work name, the file's exact location on our server that would allow us to find it, a file hash (md5 / base64) that would allow us to confirm we have located the correct file, and any other information including the username here of offender and so on...
- Contact a Lawyer in the Republic of Kosovo and have them make a request to the court for "Injuctive Relief". This document will order us to remove the files and allow us to comply with Kosovo Law and to respect our client's privacy rights, while assisting you in defending your Copyrights.
- Have the Lawyer send us a signed, stamped, and certified copy of this "Injuctive Relief Order" or have him serve it in person to our premises at 790 Rruga e Pejes, Vragoli, Fushe Kosovo, 12000, Republic of Kosovo.
- Will will review the document and if the order is valid, we will attempt to locate and remove the file.
- If we fail to find the file or remove it, we will notify the court and your attorney that the file could not be located with the information provided in the Order.
- If this occurs, you will need to reply through your attorney with the requested information to find the file and again serve us with an update Order.

Please note, unless the Court has ordered otherwise, we will not release the information related to the account or person the file was uploaded or distributed by. If the court so orders, the information will be given to the court and it is up the them to release this information to your attorney or not. Under normal circumstances, an order will only permit us to remove the content, not to violate our customer's rights and release any information regarding them.

Thank you for you understanding,
Rruga e Pejes 790
12000 - Fushe Kosove
Republic of Kosovo