Terms of Service

These Terms of Service ("terms") govern how, when, and where you may or may not use the service(s) provided by and through RKS HOSTING LLC ("RKS Hosting","provider","us"). These terms serve as an agreement between the person(s) or company ("you","your","client") accessing and using the services of RKS Hosting. By and through your use of the services, you agree to abide by these terms at all times. You further agree that you have attained the age of majority in your country of residence as well as in the Republic of Kosovo and are legally emancipated in your place of residence, legally being able to enter into such contracts. You futher agree that you are entering into this contract, by agreement to these terms, of your own free will, being fully informed of the consequences of these terms.

Electronic Signatures:

  • You agree to the usage of an electronic signature in place of your physical signature on legally binding documents executed between RKS Hosting and you. That includes your acceptence of these terms which is noted by your IP address having appeared in our log(s).
  • You agree not to question, challenge, or revoke such electronic signature(s) and to be bound by them whole-heartedly as your legal signature(s).
  • In any instance that your electronic signature be questioned, you agree to hold harmless RKS Hosting and to defend such signature(s) or replace them with physical signature(s) as needed to maintain the bounds of said agreement(s).
  • You agree that electronic signature(s) obtained from you constitute your legal signature(s) and execution of the document(s) to which it is bound or applied.
  • Your electronic signature takes the form of logging of your IP address as well as any other relevant details to identify you and your agreement to the document(s) for which it is applied.

Incorporation By Reference:
  • Our Privacy Policy is hereby incorporated into these terms by way of reference. Our Privacy Policy can be found at: https://www.rkshosting.com/privacy
  • Our Copyright Policy is hereby incorporated into these terms by way of reference. Our Copyright Policy can be found at: https://www.rkshosting.com/copyright

Terms for Shared Hosting:
  • By signing up for a Shared Hosting package, you are provided with cPanel login credentials that will allow you to access a control panel designed for web hosting services. You must make any and all actions in regards to your own service through said cPanel software.
  • Attempting to use or access services outside of those provided by the before mentioned cPanel software is hereby prohibited. This includes but is not limited to attempting to access the SSH services hosted on the server as well as attempting to use services or resources outside of what is assigned to you through the cPanel software before mentioned.
  • By using our Shared Hosting services, you futher agree to the Terms of Use of cPanel, Inc. available at: https://www.cpanel.net/legal-notices/
  • By using our Shared Hosting servies, you agree not to host, use, or otherwise engage in the following from our services:
    • Spamming: This includes the solicited or unsolicited sending of bulk messages intended for more than 10 recipients at any one time, as well as the sending of more than 100 emails per day outside of normal conversation for personal or business matters. You further agree not to provide a mailing list service that will go beyond the before-mentioned limits.
    • Illegal Materials: This includes any materials which are deemed to be illegal under the Laws of the Republic of Kosovo. If you are in doubt, please contact us first to confirm. Any illegal materials may be immediately removed without warning. Repeated or egregious offenses may result in your account being deleted without refund or notice.
    • Video Hosting / Distribution: This includes any website that's main purpose is to promote or host video based content. Videos that are part of your content for blogs, news, bulletins, etc are exempt. If in doubt, please ask us. A few examples of what we will consider immediately a violation include YouTube like or clone sites, Porn Video sites, etc.
    • IRC Bots: IRC bots such as Eggdrop, IRCD, PSY BNC etc. are prohibited. Use of any and all bots that connect to a network over IRC will result in immediate account suspension and possible deletion without refund or notice.
    • Shell Scripts: This includes in active / usable form and posted in text on your site or services. Shell scripts such as those that try to gain shell access or to run system command lines are strictly prohibited and will result in immediate account deletion without refund or notice.
    • BitTorrent: Any sites relating to or hosting BitTorrent content are strictly forbidden. Also forbidden are sites "linking to" or publishing BitTorrent links. This prohibition includes but is not limited to Magnet links as well. Exemption can be made on request to BitTorrent links which we have approved and deemed to be acceptable, please contact us to confirm in writting prior to publishing. Also included in this prohibition is BitTorrent tracking software or service.
    • Proxies: Any sites providing proxy pass-through or reverse proxy services are forbidden. This includes HTTP, website, HTTPs, and other proxy services and related services. When in doubt, ask.
    • Phishing: Any sites purporting to be a legitimate site but who's entire purpose is to collect or otherwise obtain login credentials and other user details of those that are attempting to access the legitimate site are stricly forbidden and will lead to immediate account deletion without refund or notice.

Terms for Seedbox Hosting:
By signing up for a Seedbox Hosting package, you agree to the following:
  • Seedbox Hosting packages are provided with rTorrent and ruTorrent installed. You will use these and only these softwares for Seedbox purposes. Manual install of any other software for Seedbox purposes is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. This includes but is not limited to alternative torrent clients and related software.
  • You are given SSH access, FTP(s) access, and RSYNC access with your seedbox. You will not abuse or attempt to abuse these privilages. Any abuse or attempted abuse may result in immediate deletion of your services without refund or notice. Abuse includes excessive behavior that negatively impacts other users including multiple connection sessions as well as excessive bandwith use through these services.
  • Through SSH, you may have the ability to install some software that are otherwise not provided. You agree not to do so without first consulting us and requesting permission to do so. You futher agree not to install software until after permission has been obtained. As part of such permission, you may be informed of limits for the software in question that you must adhear to, including possible configuration changes - you must agree to and implement such changes to avoid effecting other users of the services. Failure to do so may lead to immediate account deletion without refund or notice.
  • You may use public or private trackers, without limit. However, be mindful of what you download or upload. We do not condone the distribution of otherwise protected works. As such, you agree to be legally liable personally for any and all content which is hosted on or through your account. You further absolve and hold harmless RKS Hosting for your actions and use of the services. Content which is deemed illegal in the Republic of Kosovo is therefore prohibited.
  • Excessive usage of any server resources, including but not limited to: bandwidth, system memory (RAM), hard drive space (outside of your provided limits), processor capacity, and Hard Drive input/ouput is strictly forbidden. Excessive use may result in immediate account suspension. Further abuse after consulting staff may result in immediate deletion without refund or notice.
  • Running any scripts that attempt to escalate your privilages or intefere with the usage of other customers may result in immediate account deletion without refund or notice.

Terms for VPS & Dedicated Hosting:
By renting a VPS or Dedicated Server from us, you agree to the following, in addition to any other terms herein laid out:
  • You will not use the service in a way which interfere with or disrupts access without permission or presents a risk to a service or to the network or equipment of RKS Hosting, its customers, its interconnected providers, or other third parties.
  • You will not use the service for any penetration testing, DDoS attacks, DoS attacks, security audits, or any other form of "hacking", whether ethical or otherwise.
  • You will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to, or otherwise violate the security of any network, server, computer, network control device, software, data, or any other part of a computer system or network, whether in the control of RKS Hosting or otherwise.
  • If using a VPS service, you will not attempt to gain additional resources or privilages outside of what is assigned to your VPS container by RKS Hosting.
  • If using a VPS service, you will not perform any actions which may intefere with or otherwise effect the Host Machine which houses your VPS container.
  • You understand that for security and network stability reasons, by default all devices are limited to 100mb/s connection speed unless otherwise agreed to by RKS Hosting. This may be further limited at the sole discretion of RKS Hosting to maintain stability of the network and to prevent or stop abuse.
  • You will not in any way cause our IP address or addresses to become blacklisted. This includes through Spamming or other means. If an IP assigned to you is listed on a blacklist, you will be informed and have 7 days to correct the issue. If after 7 days your IP is still listed, your service(s) attached to said IP will be terminated without refund immediately. We may also charge to you any fees incurred in resolving the blacklisting. This is to ensure our IPs are always clean for future customers to enjoy the same as you do now. We have a STRICT ZERO ABUSE policy. This is not only to protect ourselves, but also to protect you and other customers from experiencing any issues.